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Change the perception of autism

Kaienfs ultimate goal is twofold:

  1. To support empowered, productive lives for adults with autism through valued-based employment. Kaien will provide competitive compensation, benefits and a growth based career path.
  2. To demonstrate that people with autism have unique and valuable attributes that can add significant value to the workplace.

We believe that adults with autism:

Kaienfs strategy for creating value is based on building better lives for its employees, one employee at a time. However, it is Kaienfs intention to use the success of these employees as a springboard for broader social change related to autism in the workplace.

Stage 1: Kaien will prove through its operations that regular, commercial employment of people with autism is both profitable and beneficial, if they are provided an environment that suits their natural preferences.

Stage 2: Kaien will then leverage its achievements and use education and advocacy as primary tools to inspire other companies in different industries to recognize the potential value that people with autism may have on their businesses.

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Kaien is a for-profit company providing high quality software testing services to the Japanese software industry by employing people with High Functioning Autism
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