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What's New
  • Yasuharu Nishi, an assistant professor at the University of Electro-Communications, joins Kaien as our first research partner (12/4/2009)
  • Launch the first operations with NTT Data Daichi (10/15/2009)
  • Incorporated Kaien in Tokyo, Japan(9/18/2009)

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Mission Inspiration Current Status

Kaien strives to change the perception of autism in the workplace.

Specialisterne, a Danish company, is world renown for building a successful business based on leveraging the power of autism in the workplace.

Kaien has launched its first pilot project with the collaboration of NTT Data Daichi, a subsidy of a giant Sier in Japan.

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Kaien is a for-profit company providing high quality software testing services to the Japanese software industry by employing people with High Functioning Autism Kaien 2009 | All rights reserved